Lindsay Leach - Instruction

Dr. Leach-Sparks has taught on the performance faculties of the University of Akron School of Music and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill among others. Dr. Sparks is a frequent competition judge, and in addition, is currently serving the National Flute Asssociation as the High School Flute Choir Competition Coordinator as well as a member of the newly formed Flute Clubs Committee. She is also the Social Media Coordinator for the Raleigh Area Flute Association.

In 2013, Lindsay established an active and vibrant flute studio in Chapel Hill, NC. Her students range in age from 8 to 80 and participate in several performances a year within the studio and out in the community. She has also had students perform in the all-district, all-state, and honors ensembles for middle school and high school throughout the state as well as prize winners in the NFA national competitions. Her curriculum includes lessons on auxilliary flutes (piccolo, alto, and bass flutes), on historical flutes (from ca. 1400-1900), in music theory, in music history, and participation in flute ensembles. Instruction takes place in person or via Zoom online.

Dr. Sparks is thrilled to now be teaching through Sparks Creative and is now accepting lesson registration through the form below. Please also feel free to contact Dr. Sparks for more information on scheduling private study or master classes for your college, flute choir, or studio.