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Studying music theory is an integral part of any musical education. Dr. Sparks is excited to offer THREE different music theory courses 100% online administered via Canvas through Sparks Creative Inc.!

Registration is now open (below)! Upon completion of the registration form, an invoice is sent via PayPal along with a syllabus. Once that is complete, personalized login details for the course are assigned.

Music Theory Boot Camp

Due to popular demand, we will now be offering another Music Theory Boot Camp course this August (dates below). Additionally, we will have an asynchronous self-paced option for learning anytime!

Music Theory Boot Camp is a 4 week summer course option for any age or level of music learner. This compressed fundamentals course is perfect for the rising college freshman preparing for music school, advanced pre-college student advancing their skills, or an adult learner looking for a refresher. Topics covered are music notation (notes, staves, clefs, rhythms, and meter), interval identification, basic chord structure, and an intro to 4 part writing. Weekly virtual meetings will clarify topics and reinforce concepts. Emphasis will be on writing and listening in response to musical stimulus, and it is open to any student world-wide.

Course Dates:

August 3 through August 28.



Text book: none

Introduction to Music Theory and Analysis

Introduction to Music Theory and Analysis is a one semester course option for any age or level of music learner. Topics covered are music fundamentals, key relationships, counterpoint, 4 part writing (including Roman Numeral Analysis and Figured Bass reading), and practical knowledge for analyzing Form including spotting and recognizing secondary function and modulations. This 12-week session is specifically designed as a music theory review for adult students, a preview for potential AP Music Theory students, or a continuation of learning beyond private lessons for any age. Weekly virtual meetings will clarify topics and emphasize aural skills. It is open to any student world-wide.

Course Dates:

Sept 8 through Dec 19, with a break from Nov 23-27 for Thanksgiving



Text book: TBA

AP® Music Theory

AP® Music Theory is an advanced course approximately equivalent to the content of a first year college theory course. This course has been approved by the College Board as an NC-based home school class, but it is open to any student world-wide. Enrolled students will have the opportunity to take the AP Exam in May to earn college credit.

Course Overview

AP® Music Theory is intended for high school students who have an interest in music and would like to further their understanding of musical harmony, form, and structure, or gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate elements in music. The principal study in the course is based on Common Practice Period style (1600-1900); however, music of other stylistic periods, including the contemporary period, will also be studied.

AP® Music Theory is a year-long course of study, and the use of music technology will be used principally throughout.

This course will meet and exceed the curriculum described in the AP® Music Theory Course Description and will cover the content found on the AP® Music Theory Exam.

Course Dates:

Sept 8 through May 21, with the following breaks:

Nov 23-27- Thanksgiving

Dec 19-Jan 3- Winter Holidays

April 5-9- Spring Break

The AP exam will take place on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 12:00pm (local time).



Text book:

Please email Dr. Sparks with any questions.