Featuring works by Widor, Geiseking, Debussy, Dutilleux and Muczynski, Lindsay collaborated with Paris-based pianist Philip Richardson in this endeavor. The project was sponsored in part by the Arts Council of Moore County and the Cumberland County Arts Council of North Caroline. All recording took place in the Nelson Music Room at Duke University.

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Early twentieth-century Austrian-American composer Hugo Kauder set out to revolutionize the course of classical music composition through the fusion of modern and fifteenth- and sixteenth-century compositional devices. His natural approach to melodic writing, based on the harmonic overtone series, includes omitting bar lines in his scores, writing segmental non-modulating passages, employing frequent recitation tones, and exploiting long unobstructed phrases. The use of his double scale, pentatonicism, eastern elements, and folk melodies and rhythms add a spice to the otherwise holistic sonorities. Described as “Neo-Medieval” and “Hindemith-like,” Kauder compositions not only offer a unique addition to a recital program, but often provide a musical style of which flutists rarely have the opportunity to study or perform.